[PDF] Dicionário de Veterinária em Inglês - BLACK'S VETERINARY DICTIONARY

horse-english-terms-dictionaryGenerations of veterinary practitioners, students, farmers and pet
owners have relied on Black’s Veterinary Dictionary as a primary
reference on animal health and husbandry matters. The 21st edition
has been comprehensively updated; it covers the widest spectrum of
veterinary data available in a single volume. The core of information
on animal health, husbandry and welfare topics, and signs of
diseases and their treatment, is supplemented by many new and
amended entries. These reflect the numerous developments that
have taken place since the 20th edition was published; they range
from advances in medication to descriptions of newly identified
conditions; from the resurgence of old scourges such as TB in cattle
to the emerging risk of exotic diseases being imported following the
relaxation of travel arrangements for dogs and cats.
A major innovation is the inclusion of entries describing the
popular breeds of dog and cat, and the inheritable conditions to
which they might be susceptible

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